The advantages of internet dating - for young and old alike

Advantages of internet dating? Why choose internet dating services to find love? The advantages of internet dating are many and varied. Some you may have thought of. Others you won’t.

This is my personal ‘take’ on why internet dating can be so successful. Perhaps it will help inspire you to give it a go or try again.

Love is a numbers game - stack the odds in your favour

Around the world there are some 50-60 million people actively using internet dating services. Not all are looking for love, but some will be.

If you don’t try internet dating, just how many new people can you meet in one year? Not that many. Nothing will increase your chances of finding love more than the internet, surely the best reason for choosing internet dating services.

Step out of your own life and try something new today

This is one of main advantages of internet dating. It’s impossible for me to over-state. Meeting people you’d never otherwise be able to.

Think about it.

Peoples' lives are like parallel train tracks. Always together, but never touching.

You can step out of your own life and contact people hundreds or thousands of miles away or right round the corner. How cool is that? The ability to do this exponentially increases your chance of finding love.

From seniors to singles everyone is catered for

There is a huge variety of people looking for friends, dates or love on the web. To accommodate this, large all inclusive sites have been joined by niche sites catering for everything from dog lovers to business people. Yes, there is a dating site, or two or ten for every kind of interest and age.

Some 1000 to 2000 new dating sites emerge each year. It can be easy to get lost. If you stay with me on your journey, you won’t.

No friends or dating buddies required

Not everyone can rustle up a buddy or friend to go out exactly when they want. Therefore internet dating is ideally suited to those who are single or whose friends are all hooked up with partners.

Busy? Make the best use of your time

One of the best advantages of internet dating from my point of view (I am busy) - you can make the best use of your time. Whether you have five minutes or five hours spare. You can also be online any time of the day or night. And all from the convenience of your own home.

All types of sexuality catered for

The vast majority of sites encompass people of any sexuality. However there are plenty of specialist sites catering for specific orientations or tastes.

You stay in control

Most people have a memory of being the subject of someone else’s unwelcome attention. Someone hits on you at a club or bar or sports game. An element of control is taken away.

In contrast, one of the best advantages of internet dating, certainly for women, is that you can exercise a degree of control. You can decide who sees your profile, who to contact, who to respond to and definitely who to meet. Some sites also let you hide the fact you’re online at all.

Improve your social life and social skills

One of the advantages of internet dating that’s not talked about much is that it can improve your social life and social skills. If you follow my advice you’ll also find friends while you’re looking for love.

I also know for huge numbers of people it’s not easy meeting strangers. If you’re not a natural, don’t worry. I am hear to help.

Specify your love

You can to specify the kind of person you’re looking for right down to eye color, interests, location and so on. The trick is to find someone your looking for who is looking for you.

I have more to say about this, but suffice to say when searching some people are too pedantic. Don’t over do it. You then have the challenge of making your profile stand out – for all the right reasons

Distance no object

Fancy meeting someone from abroad? Or want to combine love and travel – you can. Internet dating makes this easy! The internet has few boundaries. And so it is with internet dating.

In my personal opinion this is one of the major advantages of internet dating. Although you may want to meet a local Mr or Ms Right, who’s not to say that they could be further a field. Without internet dating it may be impossible to find him / her.

No computer skills required (almost)

Another one advantages of online dating is simple. There are no special IT skills required. You need to be able to use a search engine but who can’t type something into Google?

Honestly, if my dad can manage to complete the profiles on internet dating sites (at 75!) anyone can.

These days sites are generally well laid out and easy to search. You also don’t need much computing power to browse and search the sites. Brilliant! It’s no accident that older generations, not brought up with computers have lagged behind in using internet dating but they are catching up fast.

Low or no cost

It is now possible to find completely free internet dating sites. So you’re ability to find potential love interest is not dependent on what’s in your pocket.

All sites have different ways of charging. Many offer a free trial membership until the point you want to contact someone or respond to someone who’s contacted you.

So there you have it. With so much going for it what’s stopping you? For me it's not a question of why choose internet dating services but why don't you give it a go?

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