Dangers of internet dating

The dangers of internet dating have received much publicity. Some folks are scared off completely. Although the dangers are real enough they’re not as common as the headlines suggest.

I think I am pretty typical. I’ve been internet dating since..well, forever. I’ve not had any bad experiences nor have I been the victim of an internet dating scam. But people do have frightening or uncomfortable experiences. I am here to make sure you don’t join them.

Interest in internet dating has mushroomed. New sites spring up every week to cater for the demand. Of course it’s now an acceptable way of meeting new people or a prospective partner. Although the anonymity of those using online dating sites is considered a safe way to ‘test the water, it can also provide a gateway for con artists and scammers.

The fact that I've never been scammed or conned could be down to luck or judgment or a bit of both. But I would say this. No matter how you feel about someone. No matter how excited your are. Do not be gullible. Do not let emotion cloud your judgment.

It is always advisable to be aware of the dangers of internet dating before joining sites and talking to people.

Familiarising yourself with the common ways in which fraudsters abuse the web sites will enable you to spot the real people from the fake. I am inclined to say that all it requires is a bit of common sense, but that would be unfair, even the most headstrong and clued up people can be naive!

You need to let the dangers of internet dating inform how you approach it. It's not enough to be 'aware'.

Internet dating like any form of dating can mess with your head. It is always advisable to take what internet dating site members tell you with a pinch of salt until you are 100% sure. Unfortunately people often misrepresent themselves, either to attempt to scam you or just to win your affections. There is no way to tell if someone is really married when they say they are single, neither is there a way to discover if a person has correctly stated their age, this poses a threat to people of all ages.

Common dangers of online dating sites

False identities

This is the biggest threat to genuine dating site members. It is extremely easy for someone to fabricate a profile and provide completely false information about themselves. My advice would be to allow time and look for consistency. Talking and asking lots of questions will allow you to paint a picture of the person you are talking to.

When you are ready to meet a prospective date, you should have lots of information about them. If the dating site does not do background checks, you can do your own checks before you meet them.

Requesting to meet you after a short period of time

People looking to find real love should always take time to get to know you before requesting to meet. Not all people wanting a ‘quick meet’ are trying to con you though, when you first meet someone, excitement and other emotions can be very strong. It is best to be patient just to make sure.

Asking for money

Not all the dangers of internet dating are related to your physical and emotion safety. Some people are out for your money.

Ok, this is the one we all read about in the news and think ‘how could they have been so naive?’. Well let’s not forget, con artists are professionals and most are very good at their job.

They make a living out of it and are masters of their trade. No matter what situation the person requesting money is in, do not play along. If they are looking for money and not a friend or partner then they shouldn’t be using dating sites.

A common request is for assistance with funds to enable them to come and see you or the now famous internet dating money order scams. If you have built a good rapour with the person, you may feel you really want to meet them and therefore offer to help them financially; this is no way to start a relationship.

There are of course more internet dating red flags that you need to watch out for. But the main points covered above will help you stay safe.

Don’t let any of the negativity about the dangers of internet dating discourage you, online dating site dangers are discussed to raise awareness and to keep its members safe. Even meeting people in ‘real life posses many risks.

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