Using Email For Internet Dating Tip

A new email for internet dating is essential.

This is an email address you use exclusively for your internet dating activities. Email accounts are available free and I recommend setting up a Yahoo email account. The Yahoo sign up process is easy so you should be up and running in just a couple of minutes. You may already have your favourite provider.

Why set up a dedicated email address for online dating?

Privacy and security.

Personally I like to keep my main email account for friends and occasional business use. It’s not that you’re planning to correspond with hundreds of people. You’re not. Just that occasionally you may find yourself the focus of someone’s unwelcome attention.

You new email for internet dating will be set up in another name.

This allows you to protect your identity online until you get to know your correspondents a bit better. If your real name is Yvonne Gordon, and your main email address is with Yvonne Gordon in the “From” section, it won’t do any good to change it to with Yvonne Gordon in the “from” field. would be better in this example, with Sara G in the "From" field or in the Name field depending on the set up.

To create a new identity for your email for internet dating you need to change both the email address and the name used when you sign up. During sign up you’ll be asked to fill in a field marked “From”. In this field do not put your own name, but make it close to the new mail address itself.

Do make a note of the new email address and the password for your new account. It’s helpful if the new email address and password are something you can remember but it’s wise to write the details down somewhere for safe keeping.

Most internet dating sites have their own email systems within the site and you’ll have a mail box linked to that. Most sites hide your email address when you correspond. But not all do.

Depending on the notification preferences of particular sites you can also arrange for alerts to be sent to the new address, letting you know when someone’s written or replaied to you.

You may be tempted to correspond directly with a user of a particular site.

When a site is not completely free, some folks try to work around the system by leaving an email address (or phone number) in their free profile.

Here is where you could be at risk. Who’d want to write to a cheapskate anyway? But if you’re tempted make sure you use the new email account.

Once your new email for internet dating is up and ready to use you are then free to investigate sites, perhaps browsing a few to suss out what’s what. Remember there is no rush. It can be confusing out there with so much choice. These days most sites have an element of “free to browse” access.

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