Internet Dating Photos - Is A Photo Worth Five Hundred Words?

Internet dating photos – essential or not? Is a photo worth five hundred words?Many people are quite terrified at the thought of placing a photo on their dating site profile. Even the thought of it can be a daunting.

Personally, I think photos can be distracting. However, conventional wisdom says it’s always advisable to place a photograph on your profile. For many people looking for love, a picture will be an important part of their selection criteria. That’ just the way people are.

Why can a photo be important?

Many people don’t actually contact a person if they don’t have a profile picture. Most dating sites allow you to search for people who include a photo. So if you are not one of those people, you will dramatically reduce the amount of serious people contacting you.

The statistics speak for themselves. Profiles incorporating internet dating photos get between five and eight times more responses than those you don’t. There are also differences between how men and women use online photos in the search for love.

You may be insecure about adding a photo of yourself but from the other persons point of view they will wonder what you have to hide!

Some people may presume you are either married and don’t want anyone to see your photo or they will conclude that you have created a false profile in order to mislead. Having a photo with your profile portrays to some folks that you are an honest person who is serious about looking for a partner.

But you really don’t have to

However, throughout this site we’ve been focused on you attracting or finding the right kind of matches. For some folks, their screening criteria will include photos. But it doesn’t have to.

My philosophy is I am busy. I’d rather have three replies from interesting guys who searched for me than fifty whose criteria were age, location and photo credentials. So include pictures if you feel it suits your purpose but don’t feel you half to. Different internet dating sites place more or less emphasis on pictures.

Choosing the best photos for internet dating

It is always best to upload a photo that you like, not many people like photographs of themselves but you should strive to find one that you are comfy with otherwise when someone compliments the photo you will find it hard to take the compliments and start the conversation with a negative attitude.

Avoid photographs that portray you in a false way, photos such as glamour shots or images where you have a small amount of clothes on will not do you any favours. Always remember that you are painting a picture of yourself and people will respond to you by the way you display yourself!

Other do’s and don’ts for online dating photographs

• Avoid uploading a picture with other people in it, this may confuse people and they may think you are someone else.

• Avoid photos that show you wearing large hats, sunglasses or scarfs. Again why hide?

• Look straight into the camera when having your picture taken. A sincere photo is always chosen over an image where you are busy staring at something the other person cannot see.

• Smile!!! A warm and welcoming smile is much better than a drunken grin.

• Your picture should be recent

• Try not to be photographed in an artificial pose. Look as natural as possible.

Don’t use internet dating photos to mislead

One of the big grumbles about online dating photos that they are misleading. People use pictures from years back (because they think they look better) or even use a picture of someone else. No, no. Either use a current picture of yourself or don’t use one at all.

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