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I have been online dating, off and on, since the mid to late 1990s. With some success.

Way back in the good old days, there was little available help to anyone embarking on online dating for the first time. Well here on this page you can ask anything you like and get internet dating help rightaway. It may be helpful to provide some background, and you don’t have to leave your name. This service is FREE.

I will be answering your questions myself. Other visitors to this site will be able to comment too.

There are lots of different opinions on how best to approach online dating. This leads to lots of confusion.

Is it best to state your intentions about what you’re looking for up front? Or is it better to be more casual.

Should you wait to be contacted or take matters into your own hands? How long should you wait before meeting? What’s the best location for a first internet date? So many questions.

Well this is the place to have your internet dating question answered. Just complete the form below with as much detail as your feel comfortable with, and I will respond.

You’ll see your question here, with my answer (our answer, if it needs Ben’s perspective too). Other users of this page get to comment to. Some times two or there heads are better than one!

Your questions can be about anything that’s important to you. And if you have many internet dating questions, you can of course ask more than one. And to get the best possible answer here are some tips.

Tips for asking your online dating question

It is helpful if you tell me your age and the country where you live. You don’t have to provide a name.

All questions are confidential. The only emails you receive from me is if YOU request a thank you for your submission and/ or confirmation a reply has been posted.

Provide me with some background information i.e. how long have you been internet dating

If you must mention the “sex” word, that is OK.

Please don’t be offensive or rude. We are all friends here. Such material is automatically removed from the system and NEVER appears on the site.

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Got a question about internet dating?

Do you have a question to ask about internet dating? Ask me.

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