Internet Dating Username Suggestions

Internet dating username suggestionsMy internet dating username suggestions – examples only – may seem a little odd since they fly in the face of much of the conventional wisdom.

It’s hard to be completely prescriptive since your two guiding principles should be:

- You username must be sufficiently unusual that your username stands out from all the other names that people have to sift through- It should mean something to you – and hopefully mean something to the kind of person you’re aiming to attract and may even alienate those you don’t want to contact you.

Here’s a real example.

I share my home with cats. Let’s just say there is more than one.

It can be difficult to find men who like cats. Right girls? Therefore if I was to use the username Maine Coon Waitress it would certainly signal to people that I had an interest in cats and those that weren’t interested or even allergic would run a mile. No bad thing in my book.

Or let’s suppose you’re a golf fanatic, and its important to find someone you can share you’re passion. If gold is a big part of your life then I can come up with internet username suggestions that encompass it. Nineteenth Hole / Augusta Angel/ Turnberry Trouble. I am sure you’re getting the picture now.

The problem with a username suggestion based on your physical characteristics or even your name is that these will be shared with a whole lot of other people. It’s really not the way forward.

Don’t forget that your username for dating is also a filter. You don’t have the time to sift through ten, twenty …maybe thirty emails at a time. Not unless you want to turn your search into a hobby or part time job!

Ideally the internet dating username suggestions that you come up with for yourself will reflect something important in your life or an attitude that will act as a form of short hand.If I am still not getting through to you perhaps this analogy will help.

Think of your username as a key. It’s intended to unlock a whole lot of other associations about you.

You don’t have to be totally original in your thinking. By all means take inspiration from your favourite music, films or books or hobbies.


Retired Knight / Mr Knight / Senior Knight

Great Expectations / No Expectations / Lucky Sleven

Big Adventures / Big Heart / Excellent Adventure

Rocknroll Diva / City Diva / Dancing Diva

Smart Chick / Serial Traveller / Stellar Senior

Fishing 4 Girls / Find U Soon / Heart Mechanic/Batting 4 Boyz

Romantic Rendezvous / Special Liaison / Swept Off My FeetMade In China / China Girl / Major Tom

Tourist Guide / World Traveller / City Slicker

Cats Pyjamas / Playful Pugilist / Red Violin

Paris By Night / Wazinaname / Broken Flowers

Quiet Extra Terrestrial / Happy Monday / Funny Bones

Dusk Til Dawn / Unbearably Lucky/ Maine Coon Waitress

Not James Bond / Local Hero / Missing You

Blue Raincoat /The Boatman/ Chasing Cars

Ultimately you need to create the right impression quickly to grab someone’s attention in the right way.

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