Online dating strategies for success

Online dating strategies for success exist because it’s a big bad online dating world out there. You could so easily get lost. Confused. Disheartened.

Let me ask you this.

Have you ever fallen in love? The best online dating strategy gives you the best chance of finding someone you have a connection with. Like before love.

A “like” that can grew into something stronger.When it comes to looking for someone who has that “something”, there are no guarantees. But I promise you if you adopt the best online dating strategies for success you’ll be well on your way.The person you could fall in love with could be just round the corner. Or they may not even be online yet. But they may be closer in three months or six months. The point is, you’ve got to try.

I am talking about your very best chance of meeting someone special. Believe, believe, you can find someone special.

If you are new to online dating sites or have been using them for a while and feeling a bit disheartened then let me give you the strategies that will ensure you enjoy and succeed with online dating.

1. Relax – Loosen Up When you relax and be yourself you will enjoy dating, and the people you are talking to will love your company. Your search is serious but you don’t have to be.

2. Aim for Friendship First Dating – its one of the best online dating strategies to help you find people who could be special. No connection, no chemistry.

3. Love vs Lust – Don’t confuse the two. It’s easy to feel butterflies in your stomach even before you meet people – but it’s not real. Keep your feet on the ground, eyes and ears open. It’s easy to fall into the trap of fantasising about the person you’re corresponding with but can lead to crushing disappointment.

4. Be Brave – You can’t develop online dating strategies that will avoid you getting hurt. It will happen sooner or later. With no risk there is no reward! Just get over it and go slowly.

5. Quality vs Quantity – Conventional wisdom usually dictates that you identify as many people as possible to contact, then write many emails.


The best approach is the “panning for gold”. You sift those profiles ‘til your head hearts.

6. Don’t Be Cheap – do not embark on this exercise if you want to do it for free. There has recently been an increase in the number of completely free internet dating sites, but they may not be the best quality. Or they may not be the right sites for you.

7. Subscribe - Pay for subscriptions. Buying at least a three month or even a year’s subscription means you’re serious. Paid subscribers are always allowed to make contact / respond to others overtures.

8. Take The Initiative - online dating strategies that involve you sitting pretty, waiting to be contacted are a waste of time. This point is specifically geared to women who often prefer to be wait to be contacted and men who won’t pay to subscribe. To my way of thinking they also completely miss the point. What’s the point of having all that choice available and not taking the lead?

9. Favourites – Most sites will let you tag the profiles that are of interest to you. Different sites use different terms but the point is that it’s a useful time saver and organisation tool. Use it.

10. Photos – There are those that say a photo is worth a thousand words. For most people this is probably true. A bad picture is worse than no picture at all. It is not essential to include a picture. I usually don’t nor do I like to make contact with people who use pictures. Most internet dating pictures are off putting. Pictures are most often used to rule people out rather than in.

11. Maintain Your Social Life – Don’t become so immersed in the online dating world that you neglect your social life or use internet dating as a substitute. People with an active life outside work or college are always more attractive and it gives you more to talk about.

12. Build Rapport – one of the most important online dating strategies. If you can’t build rapport using the internet, it’s never going to get off the ground. If you can get a relationship going online it’s going to make for a much more relaxed first meeting.

13. Speak First – sometimes I do speak to people before I meet them, sometimes I don’t. More often than not I don’t bother but can be useful if you feel it’s a more natural progression. But keep it light.

14. Meeting – There are good date ideas and bad date ideas. They should feel as natural as possible. Your online dating strategies should include a number of options but try to avoid “static” dates such as dinner only or meeting for coffee.

15. Conversations – Keep the conversation light, and keep it moving. If your not a natural ask open ended questions that keep the conversation flowing. Everyone likes a good listener with a sense of humour.

My online dating strategies do not have to be followed to the letter. Of course not. Your choice. But plan your internet dating activity around them and you can plan to be lucky.

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