Picking An Online Dating Username That Works

Using your online dating username to stand out from the crowdYour online dating username is one of the first things you will choose when signing up to internet dating sites. The name you choose will be the first thing a person will see when they find you, with this in mind you should spend some time choosing an appropriate name.

Your username is effectively a form of filtering system. When someone looks at your username, they paint a vague picture, although vague, the username is often the deciding factor as to who clicks on you.

As an example, typical cliché’s like; ‘sexygirl4u’ or ‘hot malewaiting’ will likely attract someone who might just be looking for a casual thing. Putting some thought into your username will ensure you attract the people you want to attract.

I will warn you now that my approach doesn’t follow 99% of what you’ll read on the topic. That’s because ‘paid writers’ really don’t care about your dating success and have no expertise to share.

I’d be the first person to admit that coming up with an interesting online dating username takes some effort. But my philosophy is that you must have a user name that stands out from all the others. It will improve your chances no end. For every one distinctive appealing username there’s 100 that aren’t. So a little effort here can really pay dividends. Believe it.

Online dating usernames – the usual suspects

Sadly people with little imagination, wit or energy or time (or who are not visitors here) stick with a variation of their own name or location. Mmm..Must try harder.

A variation on this is just to pick another given name. Their logic runs something like this. My name is Yvonne. So in order to preserve my anonymity I’ll use my middle name Linda. It’ not really an improvement. Unique online dating usernames are best – and I don’t mean Jane 465.

Next are the large swathe of people who feel they must be sexy or mention love. This isn’t going to improve your chances, of being taken seriously.

Leave in a little ambiguity in your username or if you must be a little humorous – it takes the pressure off. Don’t be hot when your not. Don’t be sexy, because all around people are trying too hard to be just that. A username that screams “attitude” will win over anything else, any day of the week.

This is a good place to also mention that you username should bear some relation to any headline or header used in your profile.

How to choose your username

One word ...brainstorm! I have also completed some internet dating username suggestions just to inspire you.

Get out your notebook and start jotting down some potential names. In summary, you want to be able to sum up an element of your personality and / or what you want in a few words. Not any easy task I know, but give it a go!

You can take your inspiration from a number of things. Films, books, songs, an element of your personality, your sense of humour, interests or profession. You name it. Almost anything goes bar the lazy names I talked about above.

Start with words that describe your personality such as:Funny, happy, outgoing, quiet


Maybe words that describe an aspect of you’re lifestyle or interests:Traveller, Tourist, Dancer, Bowler, Surfer, Country, Maine Coon, Fashionista


A Favourite Song, Poem, Character, Film or BookBohemian (Rapsody), Unbearable (lightness of Being), Clockwork (Orange),


Consider something to do with a profession or hobby or your age:Vet, Mechanic, Retired , Senior, Actor

Or…..anything you can draw on to inspire you.

Drawing on the list above you could create Bohemian Senior, Unbearable Actor, Maine Coon Mummy and so on. The important principle is that your username conveys something about an important facet of you.

Online dating sites are jam packed with members. If you want hundreds of messages from random people then use a username such as ‘hotgirlwaiting’, you will spend lots of wasted time picking out your matches and getting through the cheesy chat up lines. If you want to attract sincere matches then use one that describes you and /or what you are looking for.

So summing up. Your online dating user name should reflect you in some way shape or form although it doesn’t not have to describe you physically. And indeed, it’s probably better if it doesn’t.

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