Too young for internet dating?

by Jane
(Marco Island)

Is 18 too young for internet dating. What's your opinion. I am worried about my daughter. We feel damned if we do interfere and damned if we don't.
We'd be real interested to know what you think.

Well I can remember dating when I was eighteen but the internet wasn't around then. Does your daughter live it at home? My personal opinion is that people need plenty of life experience to copy with internet dating. Not just the security and safety aspects but emotionally. For example, it's hard not to take rejection personally, even for adults.

Is the compromise here that your not against dating in all forms, just that you'd prefer it if it was off line, for now?

Also if Jane is at home then I'd suggest using parental control software on all the computers in the house.

Is your daughter due to move away to college? If so I'll bet any money that she'll quit the online dating soon enough.

Just one more thing. Teenagers often have time on their hands. If this applies to Jane I'd suggest finding other ways to keep her occupied.

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